Monday, October 1, 2012

Repost- Top {14} Ways You Know It's Race Week

Originally I posted this list here before last year's San Francisco Marathon.

I have since made a few updates and additions for this year's Chicago Marathon.

Here are my top 10 14 ways you can tell that it's race week:

  1. You gain at least 3 pounds from carbo-loading.
  2. You have nightmares about your legs feeling like they weigh 50 pounds each.
  3. You wake up every few hours in the middle of the night the entire week with your heart racing, because you think you've slept in and are late to the starting line.
  4. The marathon somehow comes up with every conversation you have with someone.
  5. People comment that they never realized how short you are, as you have replaced your collection of stilettos with flats. 
  6. You've memorized every turn, every incline, and every decline on the course, and done a Google street view of the entire map.
  7. You drink so much water that you have to use the restroom every 15 minutes. 
  8. Every meal is carefully calculated by your carb/protein/fat ratio and you start to panic over any nutrient-lacking food you ate during training.
  9. You rearrange your playlist based on what estimated points of the race you'll be in at any given time.
  10. You incessantly check the weather channel and memorize the race morning forecast hour-by-hour.
  11. After memorizing the race morning forecast hour-by-hour, you freak out because you doubt that your warm Florida blood can really handle a low of 40 degrees on  a windy Chicago race morning. This leads to a rework of your race day attire, including "throw-away" pants and jackets, hot hands, and ear warmers, none of which match your carefully selected race day wardrobe that you spent so much time piecing together perfectly. (Well, maybe this is just for us Florida girls.)
  12. You look over your training plan from the last few months and freak out that you didn't do enough _________ (fill in the blank with strength training, speed work, stretching, cross training).
  13. You swear that you're coming down with the flu if you so much as sneeze/cough, and purge your system with Vitamin C to avoid further sickness.
  14. You're more agitated than normal with everything in your life, and people are equally as agitated with you.

What are your race week rituals?

Now where did I put that bagel, Nuun, and Vitamin C....

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