Friday, October 5, 2012

You're The Inspiration

Ok, I promise, this is the last Chicago reference. 

For this week.

At the Nike Women's Marathon last year, I was golden until about the 21st mile. 
Then my body started breaking down - everything hurt from my feet to my head and I was mentally exhausted. I had to find inspiration from wherever I could and hang onto it for dear life.

I even slapped myself in the face around the 23rd mile to snap myself back into reality. True story.

I'm not expecting it to get any easier this year in Chicago, so I'm preparing my inspiration in advance, so that I don't have slap marks on my face in my finish line photos.

My playlist has been updated with over 3 hours worth of "power songs", including these few current favorites that everyone should download ASAP:

Besides a good techno track, I like to carry a few images with me on my journey for extra inspiration that I stick in my armband.

 Of course, a photo of my dad.

 I'm also including an image of the Hindu deity Hanuman, who is a symbol of strength and perseverance.....

...along with a symbol of the Holy Trinity. 

One other very important item that I will have my sights on after the race is over is some Chicago Deep-Dish Pizza.

Now that's what I call inspiration! 

And let's not forget the bling:

If you want to watch the runners, head over to NBC 5 Chicagoat  - they are providing live online coverage on race day!
There will be elites like Liliya Shobukhova and Wesley Korir, and then there will be me and 40,000 other runners.

I'm in the first wave start at 7:30 AM CST, but probably won't make it to the starting line until about 7:45.  Estimate a 9 min/mile pace
Bib number 12780 if you want to keep an eye out!
I may have on ugly throw-away clothes.
Don't judge.
If I see a camera, I promise to make a goofy face at you. 

A fellow running friend once shared this with me before my very first race:

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