Wednesday, October 3, 2012

(Un?)Sweet Serendipity

Do you ever get freaked out when the stars align in such a way that you feel like the universe is trying to tell you something?

The universe has been shoving Chicago down my throat for 2 weeks, and things just keep getting creepier. 

Maybe it's because the pure mention of the city of Chicago heightens my interest and I'm just more attuned to it, but I like to think that there is some mystical upper hand at work here.

I have 4 friends that have traveled to Chicago in the last few weeks, know someone traveling there now, and another randomly going to be there this weekend too. The Rays just got done playing the White Sox last week.Companies from Chicago have been inquiring about using our hotel for events.
"Chicago" was playing in Starbucks this morning.

The girl in front of me at yoga came in wearing a T-shirt from some little pizza place from Chicago, and the instructor went on and on about how that was her favorite place in the city. Earlier this week I was right behind a guy with a Bears shirt for the majority of my run. Last night as I'm flipping through local Tampa Bay news channels, a local Chicago news station was randomly airing instead of local news, and just so happened to be showing the weather (which, if you can't tell by now, I am kinda stressing about). 

Thank you WGN for randomly broadcasting into my home from 1,200 miles away and showing a thermometer with frikkin icicles on it right before I go to bed so that I can dream about the "chilly spell" for the marathon weekend.
 Tom Skilling, we are not friends.

Only 3 more days of this wackiness. 

At least it's almost carb-loading time. You know what that means.

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