Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Carmen Sandiego

 I'm no stranger to traveling, but it's been a crazy few weeks!

Cliffs notes version, I went from Tampa to Orlando to Minnesota, drove around Minnesota for a few days, then back to Orlando then back to Tampa all within a week's time. I saw family I hadn't seen in ages and attended a work conference. I lost my cell phone charger, my voice, and a lot of sleep. I gained some new friends, a new running pain/injury, and a 13 ft Boston Whaler.

Shall I continue?

My Uncle Dan's place is in a small town called Garfield, MN - population 354.
 (No, really. It was on the sign when we drove into town).

Some may call it the boondocks. I call it a slice of heaven.

My mom's entire side of the family was there and we had a wonderful relaxing time making s'mores and hiking through my Uncle's ranch.

After a few days of relaxation and unplugging from the world, it was back to the airport and back into Orlando for a work conference. But this isn't just any conference. This is a conference where colleagues become friends and every night there are themed and planned events. 
This year featured a night at Epcot American Adventure and Illuminations show, and a night with my favorite theme to exist EVER--country western night!

PS- if you ever get a chance to check out the Tobacco Rd Band, definitely go and get your country music fill. They are legit.

After a few nights of limited sleep and long meetings, while I'm sitting in a lunch session on the final day, this happens:

I was correct of course. I came home the next day to a boat.

I guess I'm glad it's not a motorcycle?

It's a Boston Whaler, which meant nothing to me at the time. Prateek explained to me on the phone that they were "unsinkable".

I quickly reminded him they said the same thing about the Titanic.

Sadly our baby Whaler has to live on it's trailer until we can get the dock fixed from Tropical Storm Debby's wrath.

Boat name suggestions are welcome!

It's nice to be home and getting back into a normal routine, even though my hip tendonitis / IT Band Syndrome / whatever the heck it is that makes my hip hurt when I'm running came back a few weeks ago. I didn't say much about it because I couldn't see the keyboard through my tears.

(OK maybe that's slightly exaggerated.)

I went crawling to my running coach, who handed me a resistance band and sent me away with instructions to strengthen, stretch, ice, and rest for a week or so.
By the way, do y'all realize how awkward it is to ice your hip?!

It's been two weeks and I took a practice run this morning - no pain! Fingers are crossed that I can continue on with my Chicago Marathon domination plan without further hindrance.
Even if it means an hour of quality time with the foam roller every day.

My favorite torture mechanism.

Happy summer to everyone! 
Stop by if you're in the area - the pool is clean and the boat is ready!