Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

My two week travel extravaganza has finally come to an end.

So much happened these last few weeks I don't even know where to start! I saw two dear friends get married, went off-roading through the jungle in Mexico, learned some new dance moves, ate too much, stayed out too late, jumped around and fist pumped like a crazed maniac (red bull really DOES give you wings!), and dressed up like an 80's flower-child-meets-rave-child.

I suppose I'll start with a post on my cruise to Mexico, and move forward from there.

Stay tuned! 

Friday, March 2, 2012

March Madness

Remember back in October last year when I had every weekend crammed to the top with all sorts of activities, from FlugTag to running a marathon to meandering around New York City to building a giant Mau5 head

Yea, that's my March. But this time, with more palm trees.

This weekend kicks off Phillies Spring Training in Clearwater. You know how Prateek is with his Philadelphia sports, and we wouldn't dare miss the Spring Training opening day, decked out in Phillies gear lounging in the outfield grass with a bucket of beverages.

The following week it's off to the Port of Miami, where I'll be walking down the aisle of a cruise ship in a pretty blue bridesmaids dress, helping celebrate a dear friend's wedding! We'll be cruising to Mexico for some fun in the sun aboard the Celebrity Millenium.

The weekend after that it's back to Miami for what I've been looking forward to since last April. The time when my inner rave child comes out to play. The time when nothing in the world matters except the music being made from surrounding turntables.The epitome of the pop culture revolution.

Three words:

After I recover from Ultra, I'm headed straight for the movie theater to watch Katniss show the Capitol what she's made of.

 Prateek's birthday rolls in after that, and then it's off to Las Vegas a few weeks later to celebrate in style!

Tired yet? 

That doesn't even include my rigorous running/training/get-myself-into-shape routine and busy workdays. 

I will single-handedly keep Starbucks in business this month.

Thank goodness I have my Gold Card so I get free add-ins!