Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No Rest for the Wicked

It didn't really sink in that I was headed to Sin City until we actually got to the airport to leave.

In previous years' trips to Vegas, I had planned my outfits weeks in advance and bought Vegas-specific attire. I had gone onto the website of the hotel (where we had made reservations at least a few months in advance) and educated myself on the ins and outs of what it offered so I knew the hotel like the back of my hand.

 This year, I waited until the night before to pack, didn't know the agenda of the trip, didn't know my flight information, and didn't even know where we were staying until the day we left.  It wasn't until I changed into my wedge heels and white skinny jeans to get ready for the airport that it finally started to get exciting! (Yes, I always wear Vegas-specific outfits to the LAS airport. Go ahead, judge me.)

We checked in at the Southwest gate, only to find Governor Rick Scott doing a "Let's Get to Work Day" and tagging bags at the kiosk! I was a little star struck so had to get a photo. 

We boarded the flight, but were delayed leaving as our very own President of the United States was departing from the Tampa Airport at the same time. So, I got to watch Air Force One take off! 

Although not as organized as I typically like to be, Las Vegas never disappoints - we saw Avicii at XS, went shopping at the Miracle Mile, enjoyed pool time at Cosmopolitan (with tragic bachelorette party girls keeping us entertained),  ate tapas out of a shoe at Jaleo,went to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and ate ourselves into a coma at The Buffet in the Bellagio after watching the fountains. Among other things, but those are the highlights.


Dinner - Cosmopolitan

Top of the Eiffel Tower

Meandering past the Strip


 This trip taught me that sometimes being OCD about organization is not always necessary if you're in the right company. Even though I may or may not have already looked at hotels for next year.

I also think it would be really stellar to run the Rock N Roll Marathon or Half Marathon up and down the Vegas strip in December. It's an evening race and it would be so magnificent to run past all the lights and the casinos! I'm keeping that one on my radar.

See you soon, Las Vegas - whether it be this year or next!


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