Monday, April 9, 2012

Back in the Swing of Things

Traveling is one of my top favorite activities - I love the idea of jumping from coast to coast, boarding one plane only to jump on another the next day, and living in hotels and out of a suitcase.

What I Think I Do

What I Actually Do

It's also so nice to be home.

The last chapter of the 2012 Travel-palooza is this weekend in Las Vegas, and things are gradually getting back to normal around here.

My running legs are finally getting back in shape, and my long run paces are continuously improving (two-a-days three times a week and track work has also helped). 
The Iron Girl Half Marathon is next weekend in Clearwater, and it craftily takes you over those bridges I'm so fond of

I ventured out to Clearwater Beach at dawn on Saturday for the first time since my full marathon training. I don't know if it was the sip of coffee I had before I started, the inspiration of watching the moon set and the sun rise at the same time, or my new updated playlist (or perhaps it was just my pure brute strength).....whatever the reason, I crushed those bridges like a bug.

I don't plan on getting a new PR on this race by any means, so I decided my only real goal is to conquer those causeways and show them who's boss! 

Ooooh, I like that as a hashtag - #conquerthecauseways. Look for that next week via Twitter.

The rest of the weekend, I got spoiled by visits with my grandparents, Uncle and cousins. We had a nice afternoon in downtown St Pete on Saturday, and a wonderful Easter Sunday. 

Easter morning, I surprised the boys in my house with Easter baskets. 


I also put together some fun Easter goodies - I went with a carrot theme. 

Baked crescent rolls with veggie cream cheese and carrots/broccoli on top

Chocolate covered strawberries - white chocolate with orange coloring

Oh, and the cherry on top to the weekend  -- the Rays swept the Yankees! And my favorite golfer in the final round yesterday won the Masters (I picked him as my favorite only because of his bright pink driver. And because his name was Bubba and it reminded me of home.)

I hope everyone had a blessed Easter! 


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