Thursday, May 10, 2012

A Runner's High

A runner's high is hard to explain - it's this sense of euphoria, invincibility, and bliss that occurs when you get those endorphins pumping through your veins. I'll experience it every once in a while, especially on my super long 20-mile training runs and after I cross the finish line of a race.
 But typically never on short runs. And definitely not just spectating other people running.

Then yesterday happened.

It wasn't a big deal - New Balance was putting on this 1-mile race and my running club was participating. I thought sure, why not? It'll be fun and I've never really seen how fast I could go before.

They were doing shoe demos, so I figured I'd try out a super lightweight racing shoe. I've never raced in anything besides my training shoes (which feel like bricks in comparison to these New Balance 1400's) because I was freaked out by my overpronating feet and wanted to protect my knees from my non-existent arches.

They were sooooooo nice. It felt like I didn't have on shoes at all!

Oh, and the colors were pretty - we all know that's what really matters anyway.

The Elite runners were in the first heat, then the 6:30-7:30 pace group, then the 7:30 and above pace group.  
I've never watched people who could run as fast as they did in the elite group- the guy came in first ran it in 4:15-ish. I couldn't hear the official time because I was so freaked out at his inhuman capabilities. 
Once I get official times, I'll let y'all know. 

My friend Beth ran it in 5:33 --  the second fastest female there.

Yea, I know her. It's OK to be jealous.

At this point I am SO pumped for these 4 laps. And also a little freaked out. What should my pace be? What happens if I go out too fast and end up collapsing and embarrassing myself in front of all these people?

Holy crap, Mary, it's a fun run. Take a deep breath and simmer down for goodness sake. 

So off I went - first 400 done, and I felt pretty good. 
Second 400 done, still felt good, so stepped up my pace a little. 
Third 400 done, and I was creeping up in my group like a ninja. 

Halfway through the last lap I let it all out and started sprinting with whatever energy I had left. 

The last 100 meters or so, I snuck up on everyone like the Kentucky Derby's I'll Have Another and finished the first female overall! 

6:22 was my unofficial time. And I think I could have maybe gone faster.

They gave me a gift card to New Balance for being the first female in my group. 
New running shorts? I think yes. 

The only thing going through my head the entire rest of the night was 

As I begin to take on my marathon training schedule, this is exactly what I needed.

So, runners high from watching fast people? It can totally happen.

And prizes always help too.

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