Monday, February 4, 2013

Winter Wonderland

Florida winters consist of shorts and flip flops with trips to the beach. It's a true blessing to not worry about ice storms and consistently bundle up with layer upon layer to keep yourself from freezing to death.

So why, do you ask, would two Florida residents leave 75 degree sunny weather for a midwestern state that posts temperatures at negative 12 degrees? 

Because of this.

There is a certain majesty and enchantment of being in the mountains that I can't quite put my finger on.

There I go! 

There is always a moment in the trip where I get inside my own head and completely freak myself out (FYI, when it's below zero degrees, tears freeze almost instantly), and this year was no exception. However, I was much more confident this year than in years past, and was even able to conquer a few blue slopes. 

Maybe it was my cool helmet that gave me the confidence boost. I mean, check out how awesome I look. How can you not be confident wearing that.

Prateek gets the gold star for bravery on this trip. At the end of our second day out on the slopes, he decides to do one last run on a blue trail he'd been eying. I was more than happy to wait for him at the lift below.
Apparently, he got to the top of the mountain, and that trail he'd wanted to ski was a black diamond for the entire first half and an extremely difficult blue the second half.

He got to the bottom of the mountain where I was waiting, and I was all Hooray honey! Looking good! and he was all OMG I JUST ALMOST DIED.

 Still a little freaked out

Needless to say, we hit the spa that evening for a little something called Aqua Sanitas.

It's 5 steps of relaxation.
According to the Allegria Spa, here's what it's all about: 
Modeled on ancient Roman baths and the origins of spa, Aqua Sanitas, or healing waters, is a self-guided water ritual. Alternating hot and cold temperatures will restore the body and promote wellness and inner peace.

The Five Steps: 
Evoking a natural spring, this jetted co-ed pool begins your journey. The water raises your core temperature, increases circulation, boosts metabolism and relieves sore muscles.


Continue the journey in separate mineral pools for men and women. Natural, healthy ozonation and salination systems are used to purify the waters.


A deluxe cooling rainshower provides an invigorating transition from the heated pools.


The experience of heat, steam and light promote a feeling of total immersion. The wintergreen scented steam will refresh and recharge your senses.


Infused with relaxing aromatic scents, this is a sanctuary for rest and quiet repose. Recline on contoured heated loungers in this serene setting.

Yadda Yadda Yadda.....

It was a welcome relief to sore legs after 2 long days of skiing.
I would also like to re-visit this spa after every marathon from this point forward. Let's make that happen.

Another favorite part of Beaver Creek? The S'mores happy hour.

We left Beaver Creek after 3 days there to head over to Vail. But not before we got in another action packed adventure -- snowmobiling. 

I had never been on a snowmobile, but it's kind of like a really fast four wheeler on snow. Prateek thoroughly enjoyed trying to buck me off the snowmobile on every bump and turn. He almost succeeded on more than one occasion.

 After we checked in at Vail Village, we got to our room to discover that we had been upgraded to a suite that was larger than most apartments I've ever been in.

It even had a fireplace. Is this real life?

Vail is much more vibrant and lively in comparison to Beaver Creek. Vail is the place you go to get some shopping/eating/pub crawling in. 

Shopping was fun. Prateek and I both found shirts.

This about sums it up.                 He definitely deserves this shirt after his black diamond 

I went on a hunt for new ski outfits.

We also hit up the Red Lion for Apres Ski.

The Red Lion: where drinks magically disappear. 

After a relaxing and wonderful 5 days in the mountains, it was already time to head back.

Many people say you're either a "mountains" person or a "beach" person. I never really thought about it much until this trip. I live in Florida, 15 minutes from some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, and am blessed to live on the open water of Tampa Bay with a dock and a boat. One would think that I am definitely a beach person. 

I'm beginning to think that might be a lie. 

The mountains demand humility, but yield so much peace in return. 
The valleys...the trails...the colors....the exploring...the waterfalls and wildlife and snow caps and clean crisp air...

I could very well be a mountain girl at heart.

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  1. One of my favorite restaurants is in Vail...granted I've only been there once...years ago...but it still sticks out as a great restaurant..Sweet Basil in the Vail Village

    Glad you had a great time...and I completely get your views of the mountains, I feel the same way!