Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting Down To Business

Someone once asked me how many times you had to run a race before it started to be all about what your time was, and less about running just to run.

My answer was simple - only one. 

Running is incredibly enjoyable for me, don't get me wrong. After your first race however, it almost becomes a game to see how much better you can do next time.

 And the next time. 

And the next time. 

And it becomes even more fun when you keep beating your previous times.

Basking in half marathon PR glory is a beautiful thing. It's been a week now since the elusive 1:44 graced my Garmin, and unfortunately it's time to move ahead from that and start figuring out what's next.

I'll be running the 15K in the Gasparilla Distance Classic this weekend. I've never raced a 15K and am pretty lost as to what pace I should be aiming for. I figure I'll just go for a little faster than my half marathon pace and see what happens -- thinking maybe around a 1:13 finish time? 
Who knows. 

 After that my calendar is fairly open. I may do the Iron Girl Half Marathon again in April, just because I'm a sicko and I love running bridges. 

Bring it.

Looking beyond that, I believe I can be marathon ready by May. There are a few races that have peaked my interest.... one specifically being The Calgary Marathon.

I love Calgary. Every time I've gone to visit, I've had an incredible experience. It is such a beautiful city and am pretty jealous of my sister Rachel living there.
In the summer months, at least!
While the marathon is definitely not a flat course and certainly not one I'd expect to PR on, I would get to spend time with Rachel. Plus the weather would be incredible!
If I were to do Calgary, I'd most likely take a few weeks off then get back into gear and get speedy for the Twin Cities Marathon in October - AKA The Most Beautiful Urban Marathon in America.

Hopefully I can talk my Uncle Dan into joining me! 

 With all these races in mind, it's time to get down to the nitty gritty and focus on my training plan.
I want a marathon time in the 3:40's. Barring any unforeseen injury, this WILL HAPPEN in 2013.
  I can feel it.

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