Saturday, June 29, 2013

That One Time I Won an Award and Didn't Tell Anyone

I have a secret. 

I'm an Athena. And I have the award to prove it.

I walked into the packet pick up in Newport, OR to get my race bib for the marathon and stumbled into a booth with a scale that said "weigh-in". 

Looking around, all the athletes picking up race packets were in legit shape and super fit. My first thought was Oh crap. You have to be a certain weight to race? I am screwed.

Turns out, it was a weigh-in for a special division in the race called Hercules and Athena.

Hercules were men weighing in more than 190 pounds, and Athenas were women weighing in more than 145. 

According to the Newport Marathon website, the Hercules and Athena division is "an added incentive for large-framed runners". 

Disclaimer: I do not believe that men over 190 and women over 145 are large. Quite frankly I think that's a little ridiculous. But, it's their rules not mine. 

 Being 5'9", I suppose I could possibly be considered as "large framed", but I prefer the term "tall".

My weight has been known to fluctuate by 10 pounds in a day (no joke!) but typically I stay right around 137 pounds on average. A little lighter in the morning, a little heavier at night. If I'm tapering I'll go into the 140's range. If I'm carbing up, a little bit more.

Just for fun, I figured I'd jump on the scale to see what happened. I had been tapering, carbing up, and drinking tons of Gatorade, so figured I would get pretty close.

Yep, definitely qualified as an Athena.

Also, with my 3:45 finish time, I got 3rd in the division and got an award.

This large-framed runner came out of Newport Oregon with more than just a PR. 

I am an award-winning Athena.


  1. That's an intersting category. Not an award to be ashamed of by any means. Glad you care finally sharing it. Congratulation

  2. I'm an award winning Athena, too!! And super proud of it :) Congrats to you!!

  3. That is so cool! Awesome finish time for any-sized runner, too!

  4. Congrats on your placing. It's an odd category, but I like the incentive for the larger runners. although I do agree with you that 145lbs is not heavy… I'm 5'9" and that's an average weight for someone our height, on the slimmer side too!

  5. THAT'S AWESOME!!!!!!! Congrats!!!! An awesome time for any runner!

  6. CONGRATS! haha IMO you're tall and thin! But I do have to say that I find elite runners soooo thin - extremely low body fat %! :)