Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Bare Necessities -AKA The First World Crap I Can't Live Without

Sometimes I think back to around April of 2010 when I first started running -- back when I didn't have a clue about all the fancy stuff like Thorlo socks and Body Glide and Garmin watches. How did I ever survive?! 

Jump ahead three years, and some people (ahem, Prateek) may have the audacity to suggest that I have turned into a running snob. 
That is totally false only partially true.
There are certain things I do that get me in a groove. If I don't experience those things or have those things at my disposal, I get a little thrown off my game.
I am also really superstitious. For example, those PR pants I wore at the Sarasota Half Marathon? They will now only be making appearances when speed is completely necessary - like on the track or a long tempo run with friends where I don't want to be embarrassingly slow. 
Once a garment has proven itself worthy, it goes into a special pile in the closet.
Laugh all you want, it totally works!

Here's a list of things I can't seem to live without lately:
Beware-- this is a glimpse into my inner psyche. 
You've been warned.

  • I never do any sort of workout, whether it be weights at the gym or going to yoga or doing a 20 mile long run, without my Hanuman necklace. He's the Hindu deity of strength and perseverance, and he comes with me everywhere.

  • My hair has to be in a braid. I have resorted to the fact that my hair is way too long to leave in a simple ponytail, because it whips my face in the wind and gets in my mouth and eyes and makes me wish I had no hair at all. You don't want me going Britney circa 2007 on y'all, right?
  • A picture of my dad in my arm band. Everyone has a hero, I just so happen to have a picture of mine and keep it with me on every run. I like thinking of him being with me in a physical sense.

  • A cup of coffee and peanut butter toast before every workout. I'll add nutella if I'm feeling feisty that morning. 
  • A playlist full of fist-pump worthy EDM...well, 99% of the time. I've recently started doing my long runs with friends, but every other time during the week when I'm on a solo training run my earbuds are blasting to the likes of Benny Bennassi, Nero, and Tiesto. If you ever see me randomly flail my fist like I'm punching the air, don't worry. It's not epilepsy. I'm just in the moment. Let me be. 
  • My Forerunner 405.  I can say with almost complete certainty that this watch is why I crossed the threshold of speed this year during my half marathon crazed winter. Every once in a while it's nice to do a run without it, but beyond that, you'll have to pry it out of my cold dead fingers. Plus, it's green and it matches my shoes. Which brings me to my next necessity. And next sore subject.
  • My Saucony Hurricane 13's. I've been in the Hurricane since the 11 came out. It's the first "real" running shoe I ever purchased specifically for my foot/gait type, and we've put many miles on the road together. The 13's are what carried me through this year of speed so far, and as I previously mentioned, I am very superstitious and don't want to switch to the next version because this one is so awesome and want to buy like 3 more pairs. Sadly, I can't find these shoes ANYWHERE online. And I consider myself a fantastic google-r. Even sadder? Saucony changed the style and fit of this shoe pretty drastically beginning with the 14's, and the reviews are not positive.
We've had a wonderful history together, but it might be time to break up with Saucony. I've been having major anxiety over it. I haven't lost sleep yet, but I'm sure that part is coming.
I've almost been talked into the Brooks Trance or Adrenaline. If you have feedback on either of these, I welcome your comments with open arms.

  • Last but certainly not least, I love having a Dri Fit Nike hat. I like the Dri-Fit because I can't even feel it on my head, but sadly can only wear the ones in the men's section because my head is gargantuan compared to most women. Otherwise I stick to Sweaty Bands. (They really don't slip!) I would almost rather not run than run without something holding back the hair and perspiration from my face. Almost. 

Other than that, I am very simple. 
 My list really isn't THAT bad.... right?!

Wow, I look like a total running diva.

Of course, at the end of the day, if I didn't have my music or my watch or my hat or whatever else in the world I feel like I can't life without on a day to day basis...I would still run. 

Because that's what runners do.


  1. Great list. I always say that all you need is a good pair of shoes to run. But after reading your list, and thinking of my own, I realized I'm a big liar. Running does come with a lot of accessories.

  2. Running not only comes with accessories, but those accessories can be fun to acquire. You didn't mention any particular clothing items but for me, getting new active gear is great motivation to get out and wear it. When I drive down Bayshore I often don't look at the people and the activities they are doing, but I look at their outfits because I am oddly obsessed with workout clothes. I pay more attention to workout clothes than I do to designer or everyday clothes. I use new workout gear to reward myself and motivate myself. Sometimes I tell myself if I job a certain amount of miles a week, I can get that new sports bra I've been looking at. It works for me.

  3. Great blog and very interesting woman! (Love that you are and EDM listener!) :) I am chiming in on the Brooks Adrenaline shoes. I have worn these exclusively for 4 years and have the ASR version as well for trails. This is a great shoe and it keeps improving! If you buy from somewhere like Road Runner Sports you also get a 30 day trial period to see if you love them. The only qualms I have are the weight (11ish oz) as I am headed the minimalist direction but don't let that stop you! My Brooks PureDrift (5.6 oz) are coming tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Dave! I am quirky for sure :) I had no idea that Road Runner gave you a trial period, that is so awesome. Definitely going to look into that right away! Thanks so much for the feedback. I might need to pick your brain about trail running too, if I decide to jump into the ultra marathon realm.
      I'll be at Armin van Buuren in a few weeks, and probably the Sunset Music Festival too - maybe I'll see you there!

    2. I'll be at Armin as well! Let's have a water together! Don't judge my sweaty state! :) Pick away but be warned the ultra distance is ultra addictive as are the trails!

    3. YES! H2O on the rocks is my favorite, how'd you guess?!

    4. Do you want some E-caps with that?

    5. Only if they have selenium! :) Also, #RunnersDrugReferences needs to be a trending topic on twitter.

  4. Selenosis may occur which wouldn't help your running! I like the #RunnersDrugReferences idea but I searched and didn't find a single hit (or should I say toke!)