Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Playing Dress-Up

Anything that includes costumes has always thrown my brain into overdrive on how I can come up with something festive. Last year for Halloween I began to create my costume 6 months prior and through some blood, sweat, and a few tears, finally Deadmau5 came to life.

This year for Halloween I waited until the last minute, but luckily with the help of two dear friends and some sparkly fabric we created another original masterpiece. 

American Gladiators 2012

 Buck, Tini, Dixie and Taj -- making their debut

It was a blast making these costumes.

The boys wore wrestling singlets, and Christine and I invested in some shiny shorts. I made the belts with some shiny fabric. We found Prateek's wrestling helmet and matching gloves at goodwill, along with the wigs and shoes. I pinned on an American Gladiator logo to the front.

 The gladiator sticks were the most fun to make. We got old curtain rods and taped a pillow to each end, wrapped it in a white towel, and held it all together with colored duct tape. 

ready for action

Usually after Halloween I get sad, because dressing up is over for a while.

But not this year!!!

Not long after Halloween we had the Tap N Run 4K.
This is not your everyday race, y'all. 

Everyone dresses up either individually or in teams. At every kilometer, there is a beer chug station (instead of water station). At the end there are costume contests, and yes....more beer.

Instead of the gladiators, we decided to do something a little less politically correct.

Meet our team: Cowboys and Indian.

We were the cowboys, and Prateek was the Indian.

 A 4 K is a little over 2 1/2 miles, which we walked. 

I made sure not to wear a timing chip. I don't want a 12 minute mile on record!

P and I on the course 

Don't let the picture fool you. We ran jogged for about 10 yards at the end to get the photo op. Also, Brian was in a different photo so I added him in here :)

Some people didn't understand our costume until we explained it, and then we were a huge hit. We decided we HAD to enter the costume contest for "Most Original Team Concept". 

Out of 20+ teams in that category, we ended up winning.

We are ridiculous.

But it doesn't stop there.

I got the opportunity to dress up a THIRD time! 

EDC was in Orlando again this year. You know how I love letting out my inner rave child with feathers and neon while fist pumping into the night. 

Crop Tops, feathers, and leg fuzzies -- oh my!

This may be my favorite photo ever taken at a festival - front and center at Afrojack, loving the confetti (and life in general).

Unfortunately the end-of-the-year dressing up is over, with the exception of any ugly sweater parties or Santa pub crawls I may attend. 

Come to think of it though, when I was younger, I dressed like a Pilgrim on Thanksgiving.....hmmmm....I already have my Indian......

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